Investments. I know, the numbers, the crunching, the stress. Where do we even begin?!
Well, my local sessions are $300 for 45 minutes of pure fun!
We will pick a gorgeous location, you bring the outfits (and maybe the booze).

Everyone always thinks that getting professional photographs done means you need to be stiff and posed. Not with me! I will do my best to give you natural looking photos. Think of it as more “documentary” style.


It’s here!! The time you start looking for your wedding photographer. I know, weddings are expensive! The thing I tell all my clients, this is an investment. These photos are going to be what you share with your friends and family, what you post for others to see, what you put up in your home, and what you pass down to your children. I love the photos exactly how they look and want you to feel like we are transported back there every time you look at these pictures, not super posed, not overly edited.

My clients know that when they book me, they are booking a photographer who will document the day as it comes. Of course, I will try to get photos of everyone, but my job is to take photos of the BRIDE AND GROOM, not your mothers, cousins, sisters, boyfriends, sister. Sorry, that is not me, and I want to stay true to my vision to provide the best photos that tell the story of your day. I promise, I will do my best to accommodate what you want, but I also want to be on the complete same page as my clients.

If it sounds like we would fit well, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below!

The Breakdown:
My wedding packages start at $3250 for 7 hours of coverage with one photographer for weddings in CA, TX, and IL/MO

From there, we can add on anything and everything.

If you have a wedding outside of those states, please reach out and contact me for further pricing. Services available worldwide.